Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chinese Government stopping Internet phone providers

In the latest attempt from corporations around the world that run our lives through bribery of men in gay dark suits working in governments, these companies are trying to stop Internet phone carriers like SKYPE from growing too big. Governments around the world know that eventually most things will be free and they are trying everything in their power to create laws and punish these companies. Experts say companies like SKYPE operate in a legal gray area and that the notice is a warning to them not to grow too big or to challenge the state-owned telecoms.

For any of you still asleep or just retardedly lazy to think what this means, this is an exact example of  governments running their countries like a cartel. The insiders in these corporations are noticing numbers are slimming down and its because of VOIP. It's too bad you gay fucking corporate hungry pieces of shit. The Internet is changing the world faster than you could ever know. We will soon all be making free phone calls and there is not a god damn thing any internet regulator can do about it. The black market on the internet is impossible to control. The telecom industry is coming to an end and these corporate guerrillas are trying to lobby congressman in the government to stop this from happening. This, my friends, is what you call getting paid off. As long as money exists then stay tuned for another episode of the "F*ck show!"

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Started in late 2008, The Zeitgeist Movement exists as the communication and "Activist Arm" of an organization called The Venus Project. The Venus Project was started many decades ago by Social/Industrial Designer Jacque Fresco and his life's work has been to address and overcome the lack of sustainability existing currently across the world and work to incorporate new methods and values before it is too late. The basic pursuit of The Movement is to begin a transition into a new, sustainable social design called a “Resource-Based Economy”. This term was first coined by Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project and refers to an economic structure based exclusively on strategic resource management as the starting point for all decisions.

Basic Observations:
In the view of The Movement, the world today has become very detached from the physical world, with techniques of production and distribution that have no relationship to the environment. Our use of a profit based, “growth” driven monetary system has become one of the greatest destroyers of the natural world, not to mention sustainable human values. It is important to understand that the entire global economy requires “cyclical consumption” to operate, which means that money must constantly be circulating. Thus, new goods and services must be constantly introduced regardless of the state of the environment and actual human necessity. This "perpetual" approach has a fatal flaw, for resources as we know it are simply not infinite. Resources are finite and the Earth is essentially a closed system.
The true goal of any economy is to preserve - or "economize" - this is not occurring and cannot occur in a monetary driven system where labor for income requires consumer demand. We actually live in a global "anti-economy" by all rational standards.

Also, the intents inherent within a monetary system are counter progressive and derive a strategic edge from scarcity. This means that depleted resources are actually a positive thing for industry in the short term, for more money can be made off each respective unit. This is known as the basic law of supply & demand and hence “value” in economics. This creates a perverse reinforcement to ignore environmental problems and the negative consequences of scarcity, for it literally translates into profit. There is little intrinsic motivation to "solve" any problem or to make things that last in the current model. It is much more beneficial for jobs and hence profit to "service" things- not resolve them.

In other words, the system requires problems/constant consumer interest in order to work. The more people who have cancer in America, the better the economy due to expensive medical treatments. Needless to say, this generates an inherent disregard for human well being. The monetary arrangement, whether in the form of capitalism, communism, socialism, fascism, free-market or the like, is utterly detached from natural resources and thus human well-being. It is erroneously assumed that the incentive to seek money is also the incentive to help society. Nothing could be further from the truth. For example, every single product created by a corporation today is immediately inferior by design, for the market requirement to cut creation costs in favor of lowering the output "purchase price" to maintain a competitive edge, automatically reduces the quality of any given item by default. In other words it is impossible to create the “strategically best”, long lasting anything in our society and this translates into, again, outrageous amounts of resource waste. This is entirely and provably unsustainable as a social system and the world you are beginning to see emerge around you, with growing starvation, poverty, unemployment; along with the growing scarcity of water, food and arable land, is the result.

Likewise, most occupations are not directly related to the actual necessities of life. Rather, they are artificial concoctions in order to keep people employed so they can acquire purchasing power to keep cyclical consumption going. The very reality that each human being is required to be put in a position of servitude to a corporation or client in order to gain income to purchase the necessities of life also perpetuates extreme, needless waste... however, this time, it is the waste of the human mind and human life. In the modern world, advancements in science and technology have shown that we can automate a great deal. In fact, statistically speaking, the more we have applied mechanization to labor, the more productive things have become. Therefore, it is not only negligent for us to waste our lives waiting tables, working at a bus station, fixing cars, or other repetitive, monotonous jobs, it is also entirely irresponsible for us not to apply modern mechanization techniques to all industries possible for, apart from strategic resource management, this is a powerful way to achieve balance and abundance for all the world's people, reducing crime generating imbalances.

In other words, it is time to update society to present day knowledge, taking the carrying capacity of the earth into account and realigning our methods based not on the reward of monetary gain..but the goal of social sustainability as a whole.

Even with our current, destructive methods, the Earth is still abundant with resources. Today our practice of rationing resources through monetary methods is irrelevant and counter-productive to the well-being of people. Today’s society has access to highly advanced technologies and can easily provide more than enough for a very high standard of living for all the earth’s people. This is possible through the implementation of a Resource-Based Economy.

A Resource-Based Economy utilizes existing resources rather than money, and provides an equitable method of distribution in the most humane and efficient manner for the entire population. It is a system in which all natural, man-made, machine-made, and synthetic resources would be available without the use of money, credits, barter, or any other form of symbolic exchange. A Resource-Based Economy would utilize existing resources from the land and sea, and the means of production, such as physical equipment and industrial plants, to enhance the lives of the total population. In an economy based on resources, conservation and the most advanced methods of science and technology, we could easily produce all of the necessities of life and provide a high standard of living for all. To do this, we have to overcome our current, outdated, establishment practices. This is the purpose of The Zeitgeist Movement- to create a global awareness to thus transition into a new, sustainable direction for humanity as a whole.

-Peter Joseph of ZEITGEIST

OPEC policies not likely to stand i na way of $100 oil

Oh don't worry people, OPEC is going to allow for $100 oil. I mean why wouldn't they? The higher oil goes the more money they make. What is this sh*t of a headline. Why are these money hungry corporations doing everything they can to drain us of our money and put more profits into their pockets.

We the people MUST WAKE THE FUCK UP! Stop allowing big oil to run our lives. Change your energy habits. Start to research alternative energies. Once the world moves into alternative energies the world will be a whole different place. Can you imagine when our houses run on solar and wind energy and its all free. Then we can use and harness that power to grow our own gardens and heat our own homes. But then that would kill a trillion dollar industry wouldn't it? EXACTLY! Be part of the movement. I am going to begin to share and bring to light all the information I possibly can about alternative energies and how you can make the first step. This is about you! This isn't about waiting for the energy companies to change their ways. They don't want natural resourceful energy. Why would they? Their whole business model would die and so would the income they derive from it.

If you in fact invest in oil and have money in commodities, then please use the profits you make to invest in alternative energy. Like anti-venom, we must use their poison to heal ourselves but action must be taken!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ben Bernanke wrong on the economy since 2005

I find it amusing that somehow this guy runs our Federal Reserve bank. The Federal Reserve bank has now given itself so much power that it does whatever it wishes in terms of the economy in the US. It can print money, loan money, and spend money as it wishes. But let's not forget that with such loose standards, this is the guy that's doing it. LMFAO!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bank of America scared and making it obvious now

The Financial Times reported today that Bank of America has been buying domain names (around 300 to be exact) in a recent effort to protect the bank and it senior leaders. Bank of America fears that there are going to be domain and website attacks discrediting and defaming it's name.

In my opinion this is the fear and realization of the posible highly anticipated WikiLeaks release coming this new year. I love Julian Assange because he has no regard for these criminal ass companies. He just wants everyone to see the truth. What are you afraid Bank of America? Oh the poor CFO and the members of the board must be fearing the release that's expected to come any day now. They are even buying domain adresses that include their own names with words like "sucks" and "blows."

These guys are jokers and Bank of America will be nationalized one day. That banks balance sheet is a mess and so are the lives of people involved in the company. People need to see the truth behind the people they employ to hold their money. Just for ethical reasons, withdraw your money from this crooked ass government owned bank and keep the cash in your house. Banks are a scam and are useless in the whole scheme of things. People don't need them. The whole saving concept is delusional. Cash is King, and whoever holds tangible cash is KING!

DayTrading Stocks and Digging for Gold

These terms have almost become synonymous. At one point in America's history during the 1800's Gold Rush people flocked from all over the world when gold was discovered in California. But only a few people were successful in digging up this gold and it was mere luck. All the people who were in hopes to strike it rich were left hopeless and back home they went poor. But lets not forget who the real gold winners were. It was the people selling the tools and maps to those fools in hope, who came to make a quick buck.

What happened back in the 1800's is no different than the people today trying to dig for gold in the stock market. Except now we have a more sophisticated style of selling the idea of riches. These prop shop firms sell the idea that daytrading can be made into a living. They know that day trading is a form of gambling and it can become addicting. But to keep you in the game and hopes of making a living out of doing this, they use terms related to sports to sell the idea that trading is a work in progress. They say things like "hit singles and doubles, don't try to hit homeruns all the time with your trades."  The guys touting this profession are usually one of two people. The failed daytrader who wants to continue gambling because he's addicted so he sells the professionalism aspect of the field supplied by some venture capitalist with nice offices, computer screens, and sophisticated software. Or theirs the one time money making trader who made his money when the markets were going straight up in a line and because he didn't know much about trading then, he was able to retardedly make so much money that eventually he withdrew enough money out that he was able to live comfortably for years. This same trader realized that the market changed and what he was doing and what he knows now are much different. Buying and selling is not so easy anymore and he can't seem to just buy and hold and make tens of thousands of dollars by the end of the day (i.e. dot com bubble, housing bubble, gold boom, blue chip boom, mergers and acquisition boom. These were all periods in time when new lucky faces sprout up and are praised as the new great traders, but they secretly know inside that they had idea what they were doing for the most part, and were secretly wondering at the time of praise what was so hard about trading. But what these new traders end up realizing is that the more they thought they knew about trading, the worse their performance got. Any person who has played poker or blackjack or roulette in the casino's knows what I am talking about.) and must now generate an income if he wishes to survive and support his addicted gambling habits. So he starts up a proprietary firm and has training courses that teach everything that he and his partners think they understand about the market. I love the fact that they never teach you the real inner workings of the stock market or who the players are, or how and why it operates. From the inevitable stock runs ups that are complete scams to the legit forces that move the markets and stocks based on true fundamentals. And it's all because they don't know a damn thing because they themselves are brainwashed into thinking that the charts had once coincedentally worked and continue to study and think that because a pattern happened 2 times in the past that'll will work a third time in the future. They also don't realize that by the time a pattern is discovered its almost definitely too late. But the best part about these training courses is that there is not 1 verifiable source that they actually work. Its all a hoax, but you won't hear that from the aspiring new trader who believes in these mentors who have resumes that cover up the fact they use to make money but not as consistently anymore, hence the new business model. The new trader becomes brainwashed into deceiving himself that he or she is getting better by learning strategies and rules that keep them in the game longer as promised by the firm. It's like the man who use to play the 5 dollar slot machine and use to lose his money within 10 minutes but now discovered the 1 penny slot machine which can keep him busy for days.

Like I said, if you don't think it's a scam or your skeptical of what I'm saying, then please go right ahead. I'm speaking from experience and inside knowledge of the business. It's a little funny that people would believe that by trading and scalping stock all day that they are adding value to the economy, world, or even mankind. There is no get rich quick scheme, and playing in the stock market is not about indicators and chart patterns. If you want to learn the true inner workings of the market then stay tuned, this is the point of this blog. People don't want you to speak about this stuff because the big players are making a living through your ignorance.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SMB Capital, T3 Capital, Broadstreettrading - How daytrading firms sell you

I know you've wondered what daytrading is, but I can tell you from over a decade of experience of investing and trading that it's a scam. Making money in the market is not about turning the stock market into a game of buying and selling. Don't believe the guys that run these Proprietary firms claiming their own success of making money throughout the years. They have been profiting off of the people who sign up with their firms. You see, these firms get paid from the clearing houses and the exchanges to have their traders, trade back and forth. This strategy of teaching traders at a cost, and having the interviewees put up trading capital is a scam run by these prop shop firms. If you don't believe me then go right ahead and waste a couple years out of your life, while these guys promise you that it can be done. They say things like "Losing in the beginning is part of paying your tuition to the markets", and "Once you get gross positive, you are on your way to becoming a successful trader" and last but not least "Day trading is a work in progress, and its the safest form of taking money out of the markets." The faces to these companies make money off of your ignorance. This profession attracts three type of people mainly. The college graduate, the career change oriented person who has some money saved up, and the retiree. There is no quick way to riches folks. The stock market is a sophisticated profession of psychology, math, foresight, and logic. Not some gambling attitude of over-leveraging yourself on a short term basis to scalp pennies out of a stock. Where is the productivity in your life if what you do for a living is trade a stock back and forth based on a chart and a price screen. You've wasted your brain talent on such nonsense. Of course there will be a few random people who will make money over a time period and will be the exception based on coincidental circumstances in the market in a given time frame.

The great Paul Tudor Jones Documentary banned

Even though Paul Tudor Jones has tried to ban and stop his documentary from being aired anywhere on the Internet, its just not possible. I think he realized that he gave a little too much away when he agreed to this documentary back in 1987 and he showed the way he manipulates and plays around with the market and the people around him, all in good fun of course. I think he feels that it could hurt his reputation and it seems as though why he's had his lawyer stay so pro-active in banning it from airing on TV or the Internet. Well too bad cause the video can run but it can't hide. International sites don't share our copy right infringement laws that our gay congressman passed when these corporate lobbyists pro actively bribed and blackmailed the politicians in Washington to pass a law that would stop people from sharing material not produced by them. Sorry Mr. Jones I got the link right here, so you ain't going to the grave with this one.All sh*t aside anyway, his line of thinking is common sense and psychological. If you think your really going to learn something new other than what you've already probably knew in terms of how life and the markets are extremely identical, then your mistaken. Go take a psychology class and learn how people think because the market is just a reflection of such thoughts.

Paul Tudor Jones documentary video

Jack Schwager's Market Wizard's deception

Let's first understand something about mister Jack Schwager. Till this day he has almost without a doubt in my mind not been able to sufficiently acquire an income from his trading on a stand alone basis and has made his fortune off of selling his Market Wizards books. To further prove my point, if you want to see where Jack works today you only have to look to a site called It's an investment banking company  no different than the crooks at Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan.

What he did in the time of writing and publishing his Market Wizards series was no different of a concept than the idea to sell shovels to all the gold diggers and dreamers during the gold rush. The only people who got rich were the suppliers. He like everyone else who has failed at trading decided to profit from it by selling information. But his approach was different this time. He sold the information told to him from the successful traders themselves, not his own system. Genius right? Well kinda if you only look at the surface. To further propound on his idea you'll notice that the people that Jack interviewed have been trading for at-least 8 years or more. Genius again, right? Now Jack can propose that trading is not a random act of luck and that, yes there are credible traders that have done well over a prolonged period of time. This makes any quick to conclude skeptics opinions, short lived.

Jack did quite well with the concept of his book. And with its allure of fast money making traders came many curious readers. The book is filled with interviews by chart traders which Jack himself was for over 20 years prior to his writings (also note that Jack hasn't had any consistent success chart trading himself, hence the reason for the book). Readers instantly believed that because he was able to find enough people that used charts to make money over a prolonged enough time period, that made technical analysis trading a viable method and would put to rest any skeptics opinions that they've never met a rich technician. But first let me note what he fails to mention about the markets in the years prior to his interviews with these so called super stock chart traders (I also would like to mention that not all of the people he interviewed were chart traders, some are actually valid investors with real life strategies that any intelligent person with half of a brain would recognize as something logical and real i.e. Jim Roger's interview). You see, most people would think, "Oh yea this profession is possible and look at all these technical analysis traders who made all this money after all these years. Wow they must have figured out a system or a discipline that was used by charting and pricing the right indicators or chart patterns, right!?" Wrong! Jack Schwager failed to mention the most important thing that would have made all his research nothing more than a failed attempt to prove that its not the amount of people you find that are successful that's relevant, but instead the time period in which you find them.

It's kind of like when the real estate or internet boom happened, most people that were lucky and dumb enough to chase these stocks to valuations never before seen and thought prices could never come down (these companies didn't even have revenue let me mind you, yet some of these companies traded at levels that made them worth more than the entire US economy at one point) got rich on paper faster than the logical intelligent minds of the business world had. Just as long as these same idiots were fearful enough to realize that this all felt to easy and made more money than they ever dreamed and (yet they didn't know a damn thing about the stocks or the markets they were trading in) got out, they managed to cash out enough money to continue to gamble away in the stock market and live very rich comfortable lives. Let me show you a chart of what the market averages had done since the idea of the book to the time of its publication. If it doesn't all make sense after this then your continuing to lie to yourselves, because your desire to get rich off of charts is greater than your thirst for truth. By the way, any one who is lazy enough to believe that by looking at a chart of a company is sufficient enough to make an investment decision, is completely delusional. Making money is not a game of drawing lines on a chart and whoever tells you this is trying to steal you for your money either by teaching you it, or having you subscribe to their services.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The hilarious argument against Capitalism

I love when people say that "The Story of Stuff" video is an argument against capitalism. I mean really, where do these liberals on FOX and other propaganda filled news stations get their conclusions from? I wonder sometimes if they just make this sh*t up. I love this video as it explains exactly how retarded most consumers are and how they are so mis-informed on what actually happens to things that are created and then disposed of. People are the worst savers and the best spenders ever. They will buy things only to find that statistically 90% of the things they buy are thrown away. We only use 10% of the stuff we actually buy. That says a lot about people's desires to own the pointless material things they work so hard and desire. Watch and learn something and quit watching TMZ and reading your gossip magazine bullsh*t.

Peter Schiff predicted the economy would collapse in 2006

He wrote a book called Crash Proof in 2006 and explained exactly how the US economy would collapse. He even wrote what would happen after he was right. Well guess what exactly what he said happened and now we are bailing everyone out. Look at all the perma-bull retards calling him crazy. Even the reporters have no idea what they are talking about but that shouldn't be of any surprise since their job is to ask questions and listen. He also brings up a great point that its funny how everyone that couldn't see it coming are the same people trying to fix the problem. It's freaking pathetic. The fact that the American people are still sleeping is of no surprise. This country is full of sheep and talking parrots! / brings on Jordan Kimmel

Your probably wondering why I'm wasting my time writing about such an irrelevant pathetic issue, but I guess you can say I have a vendetta against these prop shop casino firms. So let me tell you why T3 allowed Jordan Kimmel to join their company. Well for one he runs a radio show that probably has thousands of dumb followers. It's a chance for T3 Live (their subscription based bull crap) to get his audience to sign up to their gambling casino firm of a daytrading business. Jordan Kimmel probably signed up with T3 also because they gave him some money to trade with a business approach commission to sign his audience up with T3. Jordan will collect commissions on the traders he signs up and T3 gets richer also. Oh that sounds about right now.

Lawyers and politicians do dirty work

The court system in America still after hundreds of years is completely flawed. Just about anyone can take someone to court for just about anything. In civil cases, that means the defendant must hire his own lawyer and pay thousands of dollars to prove his innocence. The person can be completely not at fault, yet he must spend his own money proving it.

What if tomorrow by mistake you trip someone you know while walking in the mall by accident and the next day he is suing you for pain and suffering, assault and whatever other bullsh*t law that the suing parties attorney will make up. This is the biggest form of highway robbery. The American people are robbing each other blind and the only ones making money off it all are the lawyers. The plaintiff's attorney might gladly take the case on a contingency basis in which he gets paid from the money owed to his client from the defenses parties pocket. But you won't ever find a defense attorney doing the same for his client.  One might say you can represent yourself but in doing so you are subject to losing almost by default because of the fact that your not allowed to cite statutes and case history which would support your defense because your not a practicing attorney. So the game is rigged from the start. Lawyers are paid not for their intelligence but instead for their license to cite law. So you can be as innocent as a duck, yet because of your lawyers inability to debate the facts correctly you risk losing.

The lawyer also doesn't have to guarantee you that he will win in order to get paid. He will get paid regardless, so the incentive to win and succeed is completely diminished. What if you hired a plumber to fix your sink and when he left he told you that regardless of his inability to fix it he must get paid anyway? You would throw a fit and rebel. Why is the same not happening with our legal system. Don't depend on the same people who create the laws (lawyers and politicians) to be the same people to make it more fair and honest. In a sports game a lawyer would be the equivalent of a referee who is also in charge of coaching one of the teams. Do you think that referee would have any incentive to make his teams life any harder?  This would not constitute as fair and honest, and people would say that the game is rigged and would cease watching the sport all together.

People need to revolt and get this truth out there. The more people that wake up and see how our whole system is corrupt and rigged from the start, the better chance we stand in  revolutionizing our system. I know what most of you are thinking, "I've never been a defense case where my whole life savings were in jeopardy, so why the rush" or "That won't ever happen to me." Good I wish you all these thoughts, so that the day your confronted with such an issue, your insides will boil with pain and suffering, then the real revolution inside will start. Only then will you, like me, be on a mission to get as much truth out there so that we the people can be free of such harsh and unfair law.

I also figured I might share with you the latest news about the politicians and lawyers in Washington changing  laws so that once again they can make the playing field more uneven for the common man. A new regulation was just passed that inhibits lawyers from receiving retainers from clients on anything to do with mortgage loan remodifications. Washington understands that the banks they are in bed with are getting sued left and right. So in order to stop such occurences from getting out of hand they answered a small prayer of mine but for the wrong reasons. Now lawyers must get paid after the job is complete and they know lawyers are not use to getting paid after the work is complete. They want to get paid for the phone calls they make with their client, the meetings, the due diligence, and just about anything that leads up to the completion of their work. This new law will hinder many people from remodifying their loans so that they stand a chance in keeping their home of shelter. In this one article a lady has tried over a dozen of attorneys to help her but they've all refused her.  If after reading this article you don't see the politicians intentions and your not angered then you clearly are not putting 2 and 2 together. Here read the article yourself.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Look at this FOX news propaganda bullcrap

Look at this FOX news propaganda. I don't know who these people are but they must have friends at FOX news helping to promote their bullshit. Look at the freakin' kid lieing his ass off to the camera with his father constantly looking at him to make sure he sticks to the script. The reporter also seems to know the story all to well and leads them into every answer. Everyone's getting paid here. If you can't see the lie behind this self promoting bull-shit then go crawl back into your ball of retarded soup and converse with other fellow sheep.

Warren Buffett is a government puppet now

Remember when I said that Warren Buffett was just a cheerleader for the American economy?  Well the reason I was saying this was because of the biggest piece of evidence that he is. He got bailed out during the 2008 market crash because of the size of his wealth. He was one of the "too big to fail" people/companies, except he didn't get that much attention for it. I mean come on, after all he is the poster boy for the all American mid western entrepreneur boy genius who bought a farm at the age of 8 only to become the world's richest man by the time he was in his sixties. If they let him fail, then the system would collapse along with the banking system. If he didn't get bailed out, he would have withdrew his money from the market along with many others and that would have ended the American banking system as we know it. So today he had to write a thank you letter to the government for being so kind. The letter tries to say how great of a country we are and how what the Federal reserve did was the right thing. But what he fails to mention is what Barry Ritholtz the author of this posted article succeeds in doing so well. You see, Warren Buffett is being diplomatic. He knows what really happened and how he got a "get out of jail" free card with this one. The writer Barry Ritholtz ripped Warren Buffett a new asshole and I thank this man for being so honest and true. Warren Buffet's original letter was titled, "Dear Uncle Sam", but this one is more appropriately titled "Dear Uncle Sucker"


For many years, I’ve been a fan of Warren Buffett’s long term approach to value investing. Understanding the value of a company, regardless of its momentary stock price, is a great long term investing strategy.
But it pains me whenever I read commentary from Buffett that glosses over reality or is somehow self-serving. His OpEd in the NYT – Pretty Good for Government Work – paints an artificially rosy picture of the Bailout, ignores the negatives, and omits his own financial interest in government actions.
What might he have written if Sir Warren was dosed with some sodium pentothal before he sat down to pen that “Thank you” letter? It might have gone something like this:

I was about to send you a thank you note for bailing out the economy . . . but then some nice men dressed in Ninja outfits came in and shot me full of truth serum. That led me to make one more set of edits to my letter thanking you for saving the economy. 

It also helped me recall some things I seemed to have forgotten in my other public pronunciations about the bailouts.
I suddenly recalled who it was who allowed the banks to run wild in the first place: You. Your behavior before, during and after the crisis was the epitome of a corrupt and irresponsible government. You rewarded incompetency, created moral hazard, punished the prudent, and engaged in the single biggest transfer of wealth from the citizenry of the United States to the Wall Street insiders who created the mess in the first place.
Before I get to the bailouts, I have to remind you that in:
  • 1999, you passed the Financial Services Modernization Act. This repealed Glass-Steagall, the law that had successfully kept main street banking safely separated from Wall Street for seven decades. Even the 1987 market crash had no impact on Main Street credit availability, thanks to Glass-Steagall.
  • 1997-2010, you allowed the Credit Rating Agencies to change their business model, from Investor pays to Underwriter pays — a business structure known as Payola. This change effectively allowed banks to purchase their AAA ratings, and was ignored by the SEC and other regulators.
  • 2000, you passed the Commodities Futures Modernization Act. It allowed the shadow banking industry to develop without any oversight by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the SEC, or the state insurance regulators. This led to rampant creation of credit-default swaps, CDOs, and other financial weapons of mass destruction — and the demise of AIG.
  • 2001-04, the Fed, under Alan Greenspan, irresponsibly dropped fund rates to 1%. This set off an inflationary spiral in housing, commodities, and in most assets priced in dollars or credit.
  • 1999-07, the Federal Reserve failed to use its supervisory and regulatory authority over banks, mortgage underwriters and other lenders, who abandoned such standards as employment history, income, down payments, credit rating, assets, property loan-to-value ratio and debt-servicing ability.
  • 2004, the SEC waived its leverage rules, allowing the 5 biggest Wall Street firms to go from 12 to 1 to 20, 30 and even 40 to 1. Ironically, this rule was called the Bear Stearns exemption.
These actions and rule changes were requested by the banking industry. Rather than behave as adult supervision, you indulged the reckless kiddies, looking the other way as they acted out. You were the grand enabler of the finance sector’s misbehavior. Hence, you helped create the mess by allowing the banking sector to run roughshod over decades of successful constraints. (Kudos again on that). 

There were voices warning about the upcoming crisis, but you managed to turn a deaf ear to them: Warnings about subprime lending, problems with securitization, against the false claim that residential real estate never went down in value, or that the models forecasting VAR were wildly understating risk. An economy driven by growth dependent upon credit fueled consumption was unsustainable, and yet you encouraged that reckless credit consumption. The compensation schemes for Wall Street were hilariously short term (ignored by you); the crony capitalism of Boards of Directors that undercut market discipline was similarly ignored. You encouraged the hollowing out of the US economy, allowing it to become increasingly “Financialized” at the expense of industry and manufacturing. What was once a small but important part of the economy became dominant, yet unproductive, with your blessing.
Bottom line: You were at a loss for understanding the many factors that led to the crisis in the first place.
When the crisis struck, you did not seem to understand the role you should play. Instead of stepping up to halt the financialization, to unwind it, you gave away the shop. You failed to extract concessions from firms on the verge of bankruptcy. Your negotiating skills were embarrassing. In the face of meltdown, you panicked.
You could have undone the decades of radical deregulation at that moment. You could have fired the incompetent management, wiped out the shareholders who invested in insolvent companies, gave the creditors and bond holders a major haircut for their foolish lending. Instead, you rewarded them for their gross incompetence.
The solutions you ran with were ad hoc, poorly thought out, improvised. You crossed legal boundaries, putting the Fed in the position of violating its charter and exceeding its mandates. You created a Moral Hazard, the impact of which may not be felt until decades in the future.
Very few of your senior elected and appointed officials understood what was going on.
Rather than offer an intelligent response to the crisis, you delivered brute force: Trillions of dollars were thrown at the problem, papering over its symptoms but not its underlying causes.
Well, Uncle Sam, you delivered a motherload of cash. Considering the dollar sums involved, your actions were remarkably ineffective. What was left over afterwards was a wildly over-leveraged consumer whose credit limits had been reached; State and municipal budgets were heavily dependent upon that excess consumer spending, creating huge budget holes because of it. Net net: The resultant economy was in the worst recession since the Great Depression.
As a student of the Great Depression, Ben Bernanke should have had the best grasp – but his bailout of Bear Stearns revealed him to be just another banker, intent on saving the banks – banking system be damned. To give you a clue of exactly how lost Hank Paulson was, he spent his time praying, and creating documents that exempt himself personally for liability. He’s from Goldman, so we know that “team first” ain’t exactly his style. Tim Geithner, who did such a stupendous job overseeing the banks in the first place, was in way over his head. And while I never voted for George W. Bush, I give him great credit for hiding under the bed and pretty much staying out of everyone else’s way. I would call him clueless, but that wouldn’t be fair to the legions of clueless around the world.
Sheila Bair grasped the gravity of the situation earliest, and put numerous failed banks through the insolvency process. If we were smart, we would have allowed her to work her way through the entire finance sector, effecting a GM-like prepackaged bankruptcy for Citigroup, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, AIG, etc. It would have been painful as hell, but we would be much better off had we allowed her to tear the band aid off quickly. Instead, we are suffering through a death of a 1000 cuts, Japanese style.
I would be remiss if I failed to mention my personal positions in this: I made a killing in Goldman Sachs and GE. My investments in Wells Fargo would have been a disaster if not for you. Don’t even get me started with me being the largest shareholder in Moody’s – that was some clusterf**k. And considering all of the counter-parties that Berkshire Hathaway has, we risked being just another insolvent investment firm along with everyone else had nothing been done.
So I must say thanks to you, Uncle Sam, and your aides. In this extraordinary emergency, you came through for me — and my world looks far different than if you had not.
Your grateful but wide-eyed nephew,

The employement job hiring system is a SET UP

These high end company's employment system is a set up. It's a fixed system in which people get hired in one of two ways. The first is by the amount of college you've completed combined with your grades and your major, and the second way is on a referral basis. The best part about this system is its set up to just hire the best most qualified people that are desperate to take the lowest pay. The college system is an honor system that sets up the person's intelligence using curriculum's filled with rigorous pointless memory exercises. Colleges can actually careless if you know anything, they just want you to remember things that are told to you by your professors and to score well on their exams. Even if what they are saying is not true. With the proof of grades companies can evaluate your ability to take directions and learn (because that might make it easier for them to train you). But what employers are too dumb to realize is that, having good grades is the last determinant of a successful employee. I have known many of the dumbest people who were so great at taking tests, and teacher's pets all throughout their lives of schooling, only to be the dumbest most illogical people I've ever talked to. They rely on their books and the knowledge of others to determine whats right or wrong, or good or bad. Its also quite pathetic how the referral system works. You have one person who works at a company for X amount of years. Then she asks her boss if he would consider hiring her friend. Now because the employer - employee relationship has already been established he will give the friend a chance. Actually a special advantageous chance because he already has a relationship with an employee so to keep his political standings he must be courteous and bias. This is in my opinion is the purest form of a breach of the EQUAL OPPORTUNITY ACT.

College is a scam

Ha, your probably one of those people that went to college and now can't find a job. Well first off blame yourselves for listening to your guidance counselor who bullshitted you all the way through college about taking this class and/or wait take this class. "Oh if you switch your major then these classes don't count and now you must take another 3 classes to graduate." LOL, college is a scam. You can pick up a book in a library and read up on macroeconomics. But the fact is most of you don't want to learn at all. You just want to be fed the truth because your lazy and watch to much TMZ and read STAR magazine. Your interested in gossip and other people's lives and not interested in education.

If you wanted to become a doctor then there should be a school just for that. A lawyer? An independent school just for that. SPECIALTY SCHOOLS! Not money wasting education that is nothing but a re-run of your senior year of high school. It's a scam, they want their money! I challenge all the retarded, money mafia billionaires to put up their money on matters that are truly important. Not like the gray haired retarded timing birth of Warren Buffett who's encouraging billionaires to give away their wealth to the government and dumb caused foundations that Bill Gates' wife runs. Is he F'en serious!

I have a thing about Warren Buffett that bothers me. He just happens to be the one person who was born at a time when America was growing and new simple developments were taking place like shaving razors, and furniture companies. What he did was invest and re-invest his money in the best companies of that simple nature throughout his whole life and stuck with these companies until he became a billionaire. Today, that can never be done. The structure of the economy and the companies are not the same. The 80's is when the market took off and he was riding that bull wave up until now. I challenge anyone to argue on why he wasn't a merely lucky investor with a simple concept that could never be duplicated today. That's why I know if he was born today he would have never been able to duplicate his success. A matter of fact, I'm sure he would fail ten times over!

Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank

Even the great Thomas Jefferson was quoted saying "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

Today we see more than ever what he was talking about. The federal reserve is stealing our wealth by printing new dollars and we're paying the cost through inflation of all commodities from sugar to corn to oil. This is absolutely ridiculous and if an American revolution doesn't happen soon then we will all be very sorry. Here is ZEITGEIST documentary about the Federal Reserve system and how, what, when, where, and why it operates. Damn scumbag of a government!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Religion, the greatest lie ever told

If you haven't started watching the ZEITGEIST documentaries, then you are completely out of your mind. Have you ever wondered what or how religion and Christianity started. This documentary displays the finest arguments I've ever seen on religion. There is no arguable facts against it as I have talked to your priests, rabbis, and spiritual teacher only to find that there arguments are based on thin air. When I asked them simple questions about the facts in this documentary they continue to resort to castles in the air talk about how and why this is not true. Here is part two on this series of what I like to call the lie of religion.

p.s.  Its unfortunate that many of you will construct as many ideas about why everything this documentary is saying is not true. You'll continue to make arguments up in your minds on why Jesus Christ, Mohammad, and or whoever you believe to be your great prophet existed. Just like Santa Clause was a story we were told at a young age to give us wonder and hope, you eventually learned that it was all made up. It's unfortunate for many of you, but the truth no matter how shattering it is must be faced in all of us.

Our economy is not growing!

It's actually funny that journalists are in charge of reporting news that they don't quite understand. They interview mainstream economists who have degrees from these ivy league schools but don't have any commons sense of their own. School has robbed and supported these students of their own rationality and logic. Just because people are spending again in the United States, that doesn't constitute as evidence that the economy is coming out of a recession. A matter of fact, the American consumer is the worst gauge of reason because Americans don't have value for saving and investing anymore. From the start of the1960's people have become more and more delusional as to what makes a person and the economy prosperous. Economies don't grow by spending money they don't have, its actually the complete opposite. We know for sure now with 16.6% unemployment (we know thats the real rate of unemployment because The Labor Department's Bureau of Statistics don't include the underemployed and those who have stopped looking for jobs) that there is no way that economic spending could have increased when foreclosures have increased, unemployment at it's highest level ever, and bankruptcies getting out of control. Economies grow by saving and investments. The numbers may look better temporarily while people spend and spend the money they don't have on credit cards and all types of borrowed money while the media following sheep of this country continue to follow the news and listen to the journalists for their source of truth. But what they don't realize is that we are spending borrowed dollars and all the artificially printed money courtesy of the federal reserve.

Ben Bernanke should be prosecuted for lying to the American people on 60 minutes 2 weeks ago. He comes on and says that the Fed is not printing money, when just last year he admitted that's exactly what they were doing.  I'm not quite clear as to when we the American people decided that having a private bank called the Federal Reserve should be allowed to print our tax dollars away and invest it into whatever they wish. Why are they the money managers of our tax dollars? I don't remember the time that everyone came together and whole-heartily agreed that we want some privatized bank to control our money supply. And it's only right that we wouldn't ever agree to such a thing because by allowing such power, inflation and the price of goods in this country could get out of hand. The Federal Reserve with all this money printing is causing an imbalance between the money supply and the amount of goods made to consume.

I also love how the idiots on the news always say the same thing about the people who speak the truth about the economy and how pessimistic these guests are for doing such things. I forgot that hope and lies are what people really want to hear. But of course the system of reporting is corrupt. News about the economy has to stay upbeat and positive or else the viewers won't watch because the majority of American people hate inconvenient truths. But lets not forget how much people are addicted to listening to all the stealing, killing, and robbery going around the world. And its probably because people think that staying informed about the dangers around the world is a good thing, while being lied as to how bad it is economically, and how the government is concealing the truth on a daily basis benefits us. I love the amount of retardation that's growing on the minds of human beings. It's really a sight for sore eyes.

North Korea and South Korea will go to war

Mark my words. I been saying this for some time. I'm a trends forecaster and I make my predictions based on current events. Like Gerald Celente says, current events form future trends is absolutely correct. I been collecting all the news articles and the language in what is said between countries. They will be at war very soon, and the market will dip hard in my opinion. Here is the link to one of the most recent articles of North Korea warning South Korea. This is not the first time they've warned them but this time they're warning is the equivalent of someone telling someone "If you cross this line, then we will fight." Read the article and decide for your self.

Repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' is Celebrated

How wasteful and purposeless has our government become. Remember that the government exists because of our tax dollars. So everything that is accomplished in Washington is being funded by the American people. So now the question is how dumb is the average American tax payer who sits in the comfort and security of their home never asking what exactly is our government's role? Why do we pay them our hard earned tax dollars?

The answer for those of you to lazy to ponder such questions is, to pass laws that let gay and lesbians serve openly in the military. That's what our politicians are spending our hard earned money and time in Washington doing. Also don't forget that our tax dollars pay not only for the meetings and time to discuss these issues but also these politician's salaries. It's interesting to see where the minds of these men and our society are.

Why do we even tolerate the fact that gay and lesbians are treated differently? Those of us that were lucky enough to see man kind from our own perspective, know from experience that as we get older we realize how we really don't care about the orientation of one another or any other prejudice stigma.  But sometimes we're confronted with the thought of not understanding how some still might.

We seem to have a fundamental problem in our society and its clear as day. But again, for those of you too lazy to find answers I will give you the answer in its most fundamental form. It's that state and church are still too related. You have the ignorance of the south and the mid-western societies, in their trailer park bullshit states still teaching kids things like, "black people are evil", and that "gay people are wrong in the eyes of God." These kids are being brainwashed at such young ages. The cycle has been going on for some time now as the parents raising these kids are no different. Get rid of the church! It's only design from the beginning of time was to keep our society in order by feeding people the idea that you must live under their guidelines in order to have a wholesome courageous holy life. The church fears your ability to be fearless. You see, the longer you stay in fear about your life, the future, death, and other non-enjoyable thoughts, the better of a customer you are to them. The priest will tell you what to do, how to live, and that if you continue to donate to his church that he will pray for you because he is close to GOD. LMFAO! The selling point of it all pieces together so finely with the idea that while your living on this sin infested earth Jesus through his spirit will heal your life and make it easier to put up with. This is where the biggest deception and fraud starts. The priest himself knows that he can't do much for you in terms of healing, so he puts it on the back of a higher power. If you heal in time, he will say it was Jesus, and if you don't, then he will say that this is what God wanted. It's funny cause either way when you think about it, its complete a game of bullshit and deception. No one can ever prove it, so the game of miracles is the biggest business. Such childish propaganda. WAKE UP PEOPLE! I know life may not seem easy at times, but just like the weather and the seasons, it will pass.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bank of America stops handling Wikileaks payments

If this isn't the biggest sign that the US government and the banks of wall street are in bed together then I'm not sure what is. Can you be any more blatant Bank of America? I been calling that this bank will be nationalized one day, mark my words. If not nationalized, it'll have its name changed and sold away into pieces. Either way this bank will be non-existent in the form that its in right now.

Religion and Politics

I know some of you may say what does religion have to do with politics or even the stock market. I tell you, it has everything to do with each other as our psychological make up is attributed to everything to do with morality and religion. Even our US dollar has the words "In God we trust." Why? Why? Why? Well if we didn't make up the concept of religion and what it would mean if we didn't act as good human beings on this earth, then we would burn in hell and who wants that. Think about it. The priest is the greediest man to ever walk this earth. He gave up all worldly pleasures for afterlife of worldly pleasures where eternity can greet him with woman, money, food, and all the gluttonous activities that we all strive to partake in while living on this earth today. Then he sells you the same dream in return for your donation and participation into this cult by attending as often as you can. If your not convinced that religion is the greatest lie ever told then please begin to watch the series on Zeitgeist (Religion). The guys who made these video documentaries for you lazy minded people should be thanked and rewarded. They've given you the opportunity to free yourself from slave like thinking of heaven, hell, and all the bullshit that comes with it. Start with this video and watch the 3 part series.

Fast Money traders on CNBC

FAST MONEY is the biggest hoax of a show in the investment advice industry aside from JIM CRAMER'S. CNBC is starting to see how big trading is becoming to the everyday viewer because of the brainwashing attitude that swept the world after the 2008 debacle.  Many people have adopted the theme of trading and holding for very short time periods because the attitude is that "You don't know what might happen tomorrow." This is the most ridiculous thing that has ever hit the psychology of investors. The fact that the sub-prime mania didn't catch on overnight and it took time for the hysteria to get out of control and be exposed, the collapse was also a building momentum to the downside before the final panic swept investors around the world. People had plenty of time to do research and find out what was happening but the sheep and majority of people were drunk off the punch. The fact that traders can so called make decisions inside of a 5 minute period and call that business decisions is pathetic. What if these corporations started making business decisions that only took 5 minutes to decide upon and when their ideas failed they just said  "Oh well that one failed, we'll just get the next one right." That would be the biggest waste of money and I'm sure shareholders would not trust the company going forward. On one hand CNBC is touting trading the market, and on the other hand they are promoting these one time lucky traders that I can almost guarantee don't make any money for their own portfolios. CNBC is able to do this because of the crash we had in 2008.  This is the most ridiculous thing that has ever hit the psychology of smart individual investors that if just did their homework on a company can have a greater chance at financial success then these gambling FAST MONEY traders.

Friday, December 17, 2010

September 11th was a planned conspiracy

Anyone that hasn't seen this video perfectly explaining how this event was a planned attack by US government insiders (President Bush and his corrupt ass father) is completely wasting their lives. Unless your a Buddhist sitting on a mountain top temple minding your own business then I really don't know why you roam this earth. Bill Maher came out in 2007 on his clown of a show that discusses politics and said September 11th was not a planned attack. His explanations are blind and that of a foolish comedian trying to debunk truth with idiotic faces and rhetoric questions. He's a complete idiot because even with all the great arguments and video proof of building 7 magically imploding after the other two towers imploded. Buildings don't implode especially tall buildings like the towers. If you haven't watched Zeitgeist yet then your blind to the truth. Leave my blog for your not worthy of reading anything with intelligent and worthy of debate. Go live in your 2 dimensional box of a life as a retard with nothing but parrot like behaviors. Go scream America is the greatest country, you imbecile!

Proprietary firms are nothing but legal US internet casinos

I love the fact that there are proprietary firms opening up just about everywhere now. Some don't even have offices. Some of these companies are just subsidiaries of larger clearing firms or individuals working from their home from a website domain that looks like a professional business, set up to sign people up under them just so that they can be compensated for the recurring commission that the company could make by having these individuals trade under their firms. Ameritrade, ThinkorSwim, and just about any other discount broker primarily make money off of your trading except they don't allow you increased margins like these prop firms do. So basically these prop shop firms profit from the back and forth trading of a person's pathetic attempt to try and make a career out of buying and selling a stock within the same day using an accelerated amount of capital to make the trade monetarily profitable after commissions. Essentially these day trading firms, otherwise called prop shops (its funny cause chop shops are illegal garages that hide and conceal the whereabouts of people's possessions, and prop shops are no different when it comes to the whereabouts of your capital that you put up which you are most definitely about to lose one way or another) give you 10:1 margin on the capital you put up to trade. They convince you that trading can be a profitable profession by selling you a dream. What they fail to tell you, is that the company is full of unsuccessful people (just like casinos in which the only people that make money are the owners) that are trying to capture profitable price fluctuations throughout the day. Just think about this practice for a minute and let me give you an example of what this practice is like. It's as if someone set up a gambling internet site that'll allow you to bet on the exact date in which you'll wife will go into labor. Although the event may have a seemingly predictable catalyst, the exact day or moment it will happen is beyond our knowing. Day trading is more or less the same thing. Your attempting to predict the stocks next move. It's pure gambling and it adds no value to the economy or anyone. By the way, if you ever hear stories about people making a ton of money daytrading it usually happens in small windows of time. For example the late 1990's dot com bubble made just about everyone who daytraded rich because stocks went up without fail. Like I said, extra ordinary events like that happen once in a blue moon, and so does the ability for one to day trade successfully in a given time period.

Here are a list of some of these gambling houses and oh yea, they now offer you training for thousands of dollars: - - -

Why do people use charts to forecast future prices?

Think about the concept for 1 second please. A person pulls up a stock chart and attempts to predict a future price increase or decrease based on the history of a stock chart. It blows my mind that wall street has brainwashed the masses to believe that this is a viable form of investing. Every online-broker you can think of from TD Ameritrade to Charles Schwab to Fidelity all now sell the tools and charts that will so called make you a better trader. If this isn't the biggest scam going on in the trading world then I don't know what is. I think people forgot what a stock truly is. I also think people have this idea that a high or low price graphed out on a chart, has any relative value to whats happening to the inner workings of  a company. Maybe if I explain this a little you guys will wake up.

I was once in that same boat of thinking in my earlier immature days of playing in the stock market. I heard about this strategy in which if you study the history of a stock chart, it'll enable you to forecast whats going to happen next using an array of tools such as indicators and chart patterns. I began to pick up books written by so-called professional traders. What I failed to realize was that these same traders made a lot of money in a certain time period, mostly due to luck and a winning streak that lasted longer than it should have.  They cashed in their chips after having a bad run thereafter and when they found out that their system was failing to work any longer they wrote about it so they can cash in on those who were less fortunate or unlucky as I'll call them. I found out after many years that it didn't matter how many chart patterns or indicators you combined and used, all systems have a success rate of no more than 50%. Making your decision on whether to buy or sell was better at a coin flip. It was after 7 years of developing system after system and back testing each theory that I found out what seemed like a 90% win ratio in the past turned out to fail me many times in the future. Why this happens I'm not quite sure, but what I do know for sure is that by the time you figure out a winning strategy it will almost no doubtedly stop working.  

Stocks move based on 3 concepts which are all grounded in psychology. 1 is news whether expected or unexpected. 2 the anticipation of future growth or lack thereof. And 3 on manipulation by the big firms controlling the outstanding shares. The fact that people are brainwashed into believing that a stock is going to go up or down based on some chart pattern or indicator developed by some crazy mathematicians who thinks the market is comprised of some formula is missing the essence of all decision making and in the case of the market, decision making is a speculative process.  A chart is nothing but an outdated road map. When you look at the history of companies stock price, what happened in the past is only as foretelling as the red and black that show up at a casino's roulette table. Everyone who's played roulette will tell you that the history of colors doesn't mean a damn thing. But surprisingly enough some people will play roulette and win over a controlled period of time using some type of system and the same goes for some stock traders using charts. That doesn't mean the person has figured it out because like all traders find out in time, what works in the past will cease to work since all systems are flawed by nature because the people who create them (humans) are ever evolving and changing. So if humans change, then so does their decision making process. By nature that makes any mathematical system a failure, because unlike math, nature has never stayed the same.

Ron Insana failed as a hedge fund manager

I can't help but to track how stupid this guy is. He was once a CNBC commentator for over15 years, then he turned into a hedge fund manager in 2006, and now he's back on CNBC commentating after he deliberately failed in the hedge fund industry. He blaims his failure on the deleveraging crisis of 2008. Well no shit dip stick! Why couldn't you see it coming? Oh yea that's right your too talented in raising money using your TV fame to solicit the majority of the idiot mid-western, TV following, tractor trailer driving, plant farming, shit scooping, innocent money making, trailer park families. This is the best part by the way, he then has the balls to write a book How to Make a Fortune From the Biggest Bailout in U.S. History coming in 2010. Are you F'en joking me!?!? Need I say more? I think not!

I must add that I just caught a clip of Ron Insana saying that Ron Paul doesn't have an understanding of economics! LOL, Ron Insana is a clown of an economist. Stick to journalism and reporting facts, your opinion isn't needed. You've proved your ability to see this crisis coming. Ron Paul infact did see it coming and warned about it years ago!

Ken Fisher as your money manager?

Don't make me laugh. He spent his years going only long on US markets and wrote many different books that were mostly a waste of time. He wrote one book called How to smell a rat.  The books basis was on how to detect financial fraud and ponzi schemes. Maybe he should spend his time telling his clients how he actually runs the biggest long only ponzi scheme of a fund. He writes about Bernard Madoff and how financial fraud works, but he failed to see the biggest fraud taking place during the years leading up to 2007' subprime crisis. The way these banks scammed the American people and other countries into refinancing and loaning easy money in a way that the banks themselves even knew would be impossible to ever be paid back. But as long as they sold these bundled up loans that were made into contracts and sold them before the general public knew that they were designed to default from the very beginning then it would be all good and wealth would be transferred from the uninformed to the highway robbers a.k.a the investment banks. Ken Fisher failed to see any of this in 2007 and was actually saying that the housing disaster argument was completely overstated and there was not going to be a hard or soft landing. Things are booming and nothing is wrong. Optimistic people like this remind me of retarded men who still talk and act like children that know nothing of this world and the men who have the majority of the wealth that are constantly manipulating things to steal money from the common man. These optimistic people always have a dumb smile on their faces and let me repeat that the smile is not because they're clever and happy, its because they are ignorant and dumb but are making money without seeing the adverse effect of what is really happening. Its actually quite funny, but anyway here's the article of Ken Fisher who was reported one time as being the world's 400th richest man by the way. The sad part is, if you use your father's name the way Donal Trump did and in this case Kenneth Fishes has, and your father also hands you over business accounts and helps you hire massive amounts of people to solicit for you, touting a fundamentally flawed strategy of yours just to raise your company money, with a buy only strategy, then you too one day, can rape enough people for commissions to make you rich also.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

How 2009 spawned hopeful traders

The only thing 2009 did was spawn a cult of buy only traders who now think that they can trade for a living. There has never been a time on the internet where more people than ever have created their own websites charging subscription fees for their trading advice. This is the biggest joke of an industry that has ever come alive. What the majority of people don't realize when signing up to these people's sites is that their performance was due to an overall recovery that has never been seen before in the markets.

After the 2008 debacle, every stock was liquidated due to the financial deleveraging of money. With Lehman Brothers, Bear Sterns, and Wachovia all going bankrupt, a lot of money left the markets, causing a world wide collapse in equities. But when the crooked Federal Reserve came in and printed money and promised to provide any money needed to any financial institutions and bail outs for the "too big to fail" companies like AIG, the market pressure was relieved. Everyone had felt like the worst was over and Superman promised to save everyone no matter what, when, where and why. (Essentially the reason these selected corporations were bailed out was because the politicians making the decisions were tied to these companies and had lots and lots of their own money in these companies.)

Individuals blindly threw money at companies they didn't think were going to go bankrupt. The irony in the situation was that, these same individuals had no idea what was happening. They just threw money at companies like lottery tickets and saw some of their gains go up 10 fold. That is when the light bulb clicked. They thought themselves geniuses and most likely quit their day jobs to trade. A blind, long only trading monkey could have made money buying stocks in 2009. So what happened to these same traders in 2010. Well lets see 1 of them for example. This guy brags and brags of his performance last year but when you go through his archive and watch some videos on his website right before April 2010's flash crash, one can't help but to think how much money he and many others must have given back, almost making their stellar 2009 year nothing but a wash. He bragged about how good each one of his stocks would be in the beginning month of April and when you look at those same stocks a month after the flash crash most of them were down over 50%. I also predict that in 2011 he will lose even more of his money and all of his subscribers with it. Watch in this video how both of these guys don't think that a macro event like Greece needing to be bailed out can affect their stocks. Didn't they learn anything? They are completely immature in their history of stock market movements.

Video Link

I also can't help but notice this guy Todd Sullivan that promotes as one of their premium subscription sites. Try to go to his track record for the year and it won't allow you to access it anymore. He must of gotten clobbered after the flash crash. The fact is, these guys are not aware of the macro picture and don't know much about how stocks move. These same guys probably quit their day jobs after their 2009 performance but its not a question in my mind that they've already started losing their money in 2010 and 2011 will only get worse.

Website Link

Wiki leaks' founder, Julian Assange is a hero

I find it hilarious that Julian Assange after exposing the American government was arrested for a sexual assault crime by some lady claiming that he didn't use a condom at the time of their intercourse 1 year ago. LOL, I didn't know it was a crime to have sex without a condom, but hey, if we continue to let retarded men like Obama and Bernanke run our government and economy, then that day will definitely come. It's too bad that instead of praising the transparency brought to us by Julian Assange on his website Wikileaks, that people like Hillary Clinton called for his arrest saying he breached privacy laws by exposing documents on his website of all the sham deals and operations that our  government is guilty of. Hillary Clinton is in love with the power she has as our secretary of defense and I'm almost sure that the only reason she is still with her husband today is because she wanted that position. If you would just so patiently observe her on TV its obvious that her ego is driving her life. I will now quote her in 2009 as Hillary snaps at a question in an interview in which she thought the questionnaire was asking her what her husband's opinion was about a particular issue but he actually meant Obama. But in either case she answered like this.

You want me to tell you what my husband thinks? My husband is not secretary of state, I am,” an obviously annoyed Clinton said sharply. “If you want my opinion, I will tell you my opinion. I am not going to be channeling my husband.”

The best part is that Hillary might have to resign after Julian gets his hands on her. Lets quote what Julian Assange said about Hillary in a recent interview.

"I don't think it would make much of a difference either way," he said. "But she should resign, if it can be shown that she was responsible for ordering U.S. diplomatic figures to engage in espionage in the United Nations, in violation of the international covenants to which the U.S. has signed up. Yes, she should resign over that." 

As we watch our government take our liberty and freedom away from us, I'm sadly reminded of one of the greatest movies ever told, "V for Vendetta." We are moving into a corrupt government run society in which one day we will be told what to say, eat, and do. I think that's what you call Socialism and it looks something like this

Max Keiser just exposed J.P. Morgan

J.P. Morgan was reported to have shorted massive amounts of silver earlier in the year. Just recently there has been some market commentators coming out with some blatant attacks against J.P. Morgan with their intent to help crash the company. J.P. Morgan in my opinion are a bunch of crooks and nothing but financial terrorists. If you don't believe me then you should get an understanding of the tax lien business and see how they are conspiring with their mortgage division to foreclose on homeowners. Wall street, banks, and government politicians are nothing but crooks. The first video I'm going to post will show you how J.P. Morgan are unethical, and the second is Max Keiser's report on why you should buy silver and how it will help bankrupt this corrupt government bribing company. Remember folks, the government takes orders from wall street, I mean, they are the ones with the money/power after all.

My thoughts on Steve Forbes

Well for one, he inherited the magazine business from his grandfather from what I undertsand. Second, when you search his name under wikipedia you find nothing of him knowing a damn thing about markets or investments. Its quite clear that his opinions and views were bought by the bankers on wall street a long time ago. He is nothing but a cheerleader on wall street and a long time failed politician. Wikipedia link

I found it funny that Steve Forbes keeps that all American smile while on TV and I can't imagine why he wasn't capable of securing a republican nomination during his campaign run in 1996. I mean for god sakes, he is so talented at spotting the problems with the economy, right? Yea right, he's just as bad as George Gilder in this FOX clip where they both disagree with PETER SCHIFF back in 2008 when Peter Schiff predicted this economic collapse.  George Gilder's claim to idiocracy, I mean fame, was that he wrote over 150 books of bull crap. Watch as both George and Steve get schooled on the American economy by Peter Schiff.