Saturday, December 18, 2010

Religion and Politics

I know some of you may say what does religion have to do with politics or even the stock market. I tell you, it has everything to do with each other as our psychological make up is attributed to everything to do with morality and religion. Even our US dollar has the words "In God we trust." Why? Why? Why? Well if we didn't make up the concept of religion and what it would mean if we didn't act as good human beings on this earth, then we would burn in hell and who wants that. Think about it. The priest is the greediest man to ever walk this earth. He gave up all worldly pleasures for afterlife of worldly pleasures where eternity can greet him with woman, money, food, and all the gluttonous activities that we all strive to partake in while living on this earth today. Then he sells you the same dream in return for your donation and participation into this cult by attending as often as you can. If your not convinced that religion is the greatest lie ever told then please begin to watch the series on Zeitgeist (Religion). The guys who made these video documentaries for you lazy minded people should be thanked and rewarded. They've given you the opportunity to free yourself from slave like thinking of heaven, hell, and all the bullshit that comes with it. Start with this video and watch the 3 part series.

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