Sunday, December 19, 2010

Religion, the greatest lie ever told

If you haven't started watching the ZEITGEIST documentaries, then you are completely out of your mind. Have you ever wondered what or how religion and Christianity started. This documentary displays the finest arguments I've ever seen on religion. There is no arguable facts against it as I have talked to your priests, rabbis, and spiritual teacher only to find that there arguments are based on thin air. When I asked them simple questions about the facts in this documentary they continue to resort to castles in the air talk about how and why this is not true. Here is part two on this series of what I like to call the lie of religion.

p.s.  Its unfortunate that many of you will construct as many ideas about why everything this documentary is saying is not true. You'll continue to make arguments up in your minds on why Jesus Christ, Mohammad, and or whoever you believe to be your great prophet existed. Just like Santa Clause was a story we were told at a young age to give us wonder and hope, you eventually learned that it was all made up. It's unfortunate for many of you, but the truth no matter how shattering it is must be faced in all of us.

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