Sunday, December 19, 2010

Repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' is Celebrated

How wasteful and purposeless has our government become. Remember that the government exists because of our tax dollars. So everything that is accomplished in Washington is being funded by the American people. So now the question is how dumb is the average American tax payer who sits in the comfort and security of their home never asking what exactly is our government's role? Why do we pay them our hard earned tax dollars?

The answer for those of you to lazy to ponder such questions is, to pass laws that let gay and lesbians serve openly in the military. That's what our politicians are spending our hard earned money and time in Washington doing. Also don't forget that our tax dollars pay not only for the meetings and time to discuss these issues but also these politician's salaries. It's interesting to see where the minds of these men and our society are.

Why do we even tolerate the fact that gay and lesbians are treated differently? Those of us that were lucky enough to see man kind from our own perspective, know from experience that as we get older we realize how we really don't care about the orientation of one another or any other prejudice stigma.  But sometimes we're confronted with the thought of not understanding how some still might.

We seem to have a fundamental problem in our society and its clear as day. But again, for those of you too lazy to find answers I will give you the answer in its most fundamental form. It's that state and church are still too related. You have the ignorance of the south and the mid-western societies, in their trailer park bullshit states still teaching kids things like, "black people are evil", and that "gay people are wrong in the eyes of God." These kids are being brainwashed at such young ages. The cycle has been going on for some time now as the parents raising these kids are no different. Get rid of the church! It's only design from the beginning of time was to keep our society in order by feeding people the idea that you must live under their guidelines in order to have a wholesome courageous holy life. The church fears your ability to be fearless. You see, the longer you stay in fear about your life, the future, death, and other non-enjoyable thoughts, the better of a customer you are to them. The priest will tell you what to do, how to live, and that if you continue to donate to his church that he will pray for you because he is close to GOD. LMFAO! The selling point of it all pieces together so finely with the idea that while your living on this sin infested earth Jesus through his spirit will heal your life and make it easier to put up with. This is where the biggest deception and fraud starts. The priest himself knows that he can't do much for you in terms of healing, so he puts it on the back of a higher power. If you heal in time, he will say it was Jesus, and if you don't, then he will say that this is what God wanted. It's funny cause either way when you think about it, its complete a game of bullshit and deception. No one can ever prove it, so the game of miracles is the biggest business. Such childish propaganda. WAKE UP PEOPLE! I know life may not seem easy at times, but just like the weather and the seasons, it will pass.

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