Tuesday, December 21, 2010

T3capital.com / T3live.com brings on Jordan Kimmel

Your probably wondering why I'm wasting my time writing about such an irrelevant pathetic issue, but I guess you can say I have a vendetta against these prop shop casino firms. So let me tell you why T3 allowed Jordan Kimmel to join their company. Well for one he runs a radio show that probably has thousands of dumb followers. It's a chance for T3 Live (their subscription based bull crap) to get his audience to sign up to their gambling casino firm of a daytrading business. Jordan Kimmel probably signed up with T3 also because they gave him some money to trade with a business approach commission to sign his audience up with T3. Jordan will collect commissions on the traders he signs up and T3 gets richer also. Oh that sounds about right now.

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