Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lawyers and politicians do dirty work

The court system in America still after hundreds of years is completely flawed. Just about anyone can take someone to court for just about anything. In civil cases, that means the defendant must hire his own lawyer and pay thousands of dollars to prove his innocence. The person can be completely not at fault, yet he must spend his own money proving it.

What if tomorrow by mistake you trip someone you know while walking in the mall by accident and the next day he is suing you for pain and suffering, assault and whatever other bullsh*t law that the suing parties attorney will make up. This is the biggest form of highway robbery. The American people are robbing each other blind and the only ones making money off it all are the lawyers. The plaintiff's attorney might gladly take the case on a contingency basis in which he gets paid from the money owed to his client from the defenses parties pocket. But you won't ever find a defense attorney doing the same for his client.  One might say you can represent yourself but in doing so you are subject to losing almost by default because of the fact that your not allowed to cite statutes and case history which would support your defense because your not a practicing attorney. So the game is rigged from the start. Lawyers are paid not for their intelligence but instead for their license to cite law. So you can be as innocent as a duck, yet because of your lawyers inability to debate the facts correctly you risk losing.

The lawyer also doesn't have to guarantee you that he will win in order to get paid. He will get paid regardless, so the incentive to win and succeed is completely diminished. What if you hired a plumber to fix your sink and when he left he told you that regardless of his inability to fix it he must get paid anyway? You would throw a fit and rebel. Why is the same not happening with our legal system. Don't depend on the same people who create the laws (lawyers and politicians) to be the same people to make it more fair and honest. In a sports game a lawyer would be the equivalent of a referee who is also in charge of coaching one of the teams. Do you think that referee would have any incentive to make his teams life any harder?  This would not constitute as fair and honest, and people would say that the game is rigged and would cease watching the sport all together.

People need to revolt and get this truth out there. The more people that wake up and see how our whole system is corrupt and rigged from the start, the better chance we stand in  revolutionizing our system. I know what most of you are thinking, "I've never been a defense case where my whole life savings were in jeopardy, so why the rush" or "That won't ever happen to me." Good I wish you all these thoughts, so that the day your confronted with such an issue, your insides will boil with pain and suffering, then the real revolution inside will start. Only then will you, like me, be on a mission to get as much truth out there so that we the people can be free of such harsh and unfair law.

I also figured I might share with you the latest news about the politicians and lawyers in Washington changing  laws so that once again they can make the playing field more uneven for the common man. A new regulation was just passed that inhibits lawyers from receiving retainers from clients on anything to do with mortgage loan remodifications. Washington understands that the banks they are in bed with are getting sued left and right. So in order to stop such occurences from getting out of hand they answered a small prayer of mine but for the wrong reasons. Now lawyers must get paid after the job is complete and they know lawyers are not use to getting paid after the work is complete. They want to get paid for the phone calls they make with their client, the meetings, the due diligence, and just about anything that leads up to the completion of their work. This new law will hinder many people from remodifying their loans so that they stand a chance in keeping their home of shelter. In this one article a lady has tried over a dozen of attorneys to help her but they've all refused her.  If after reading this article you don't see the politicians intentions and your not angered then you clearly are not putting 2 and 2 together. Here read the article yourself.

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