Monday, December 20, 2010

College is a scam

Ha, your probably one of those people that went to college and now can't find a job. Well first off blame yourselves for listening to your guidance counselor who bullshitted you all the way through college about taking this class and/or wait take this class. "Oh if you switch your major then these classes don't count and now you must take another 3 classes to graduate." LOL, college is a scam. You can pick up a book in a library and read up on macroeconomics. But the fact is most of you don't want to learn at all. You just want to be fed the truth because your lazy and watch to much TMZ and read STAR magazine. Your interested in gossip and other people's lives and not interested in education.

If you wanted to become a doctor then there should be a school just for that. A lawyer? An independent school just for that. SPECIALTY SCHOOLS! Not money wasting education that is nothing but a re-run of your senior year of high school. It's a scam, they want their money! I challenge all the retarded, money mafia billionaires to put up their money on matters that are truly important. Not like the gray haired retarded timing birth of Warren Buffett who's encouraging billionaires to give away their wealth to the government and dumb caused foundations that Bill Gates' wife runs. Is he F'en serious!

I have a thing about Warren Buffett that bothers me. He just happens to be the one person who was born at a time when America was growing and new simple developments were taking place like shaving razors, and furniture companies. What he did was invest and re-invest his money in the best companies of that simple nature throughout his whole life and stuck with these companies until he became a billionaire. Today, that can never be done. The structure of the economy and the companies are not the same. The 80's is when the market took off and he was riding that bull wave up until now. I challenge anyone to argue on why he wasn't a merely lucky investor with a simple concept that could never be duplicated today. That's why I know if he was born today he would have never been able to duplicate his success. A matter of fact, I'm sure he would fail ten times over!

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