Wednesday, December 29, 2010

OPEC policies not likely to stand i na way of $100 oil

Oh don't worry people, OPEC is going to allow for $100 oil. I mean why wouldn't they? The higher oil goes the more money they make. What is this sh*t of a headline. Why are these money hungry corporations doing everything they can to drain us of our money and put more profits into their pockets.

We the people MUST WAKE THE FUCK UP! Stop allowing big oil to run our lives. Change your energy habits. Start to research alternative energies. Once the world moves into alternative energies the world will be a whole different place. Can you imagine when our houses run on solar and wind energy and its all free. Then we can use and harness that power to grow our own gardens and heat our own homes. But then that would kill a trillion dollar industry wouldn't it? EXACTLY! Be part of the movement. I am going to begin to share and bring to light all the information I possibly can about alternative energies and how you can make the first step. This is about you! This isn't about waiting for the energy companies to change their ways. They don't want natural resourceful energy. Why would they? Their whole business model would die and so would the income they derive from it.

If you in fact invest in oil and have money in commodities, then please use the profits you make to invest in alternative energy. Like anti-venom, we must use their poison to heal ourselves but action must be taken!

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