Friday, December 17, 2010

September 11th was a planned conspiracy

Anyone that hasn't seen this video perfectly explaining how this event was a planned attack by US government insiders (President Bush and his corrupt ass father) is completely wasting their lives. Unless your a Buddhist sitting on a mountain top temple minding your own business then I really don't know why you roam this earth. Bill Maher came out in 2007 on his clown of a show that discusses politics and said September 11th was not a planned attack. His explanations are blind and that of a foolish comedian trying to debunk truth with idiotic faces and rhetoric questions. He's a complete idiot because even with all the great arguments and video proof of building 7 magically imploding after the other two towers imploded. Buildings don't implode especially tall buildings like the towers. If you haven't watched Zeitgeist yet then your blind to the truth. Leave my blog for your not worthy of reading anything with intelligent and worthy of debate. Go live in your 2 dimensional box of a life as a retard with nothing but parrot like behaviors. Go scream America is the greatest country, you imbecile!

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