Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The hilarious argument against Capitalism

I love when people say that "The Story of Stuff" video is an argument against capitalism. I mean really, where do these liberals on FOX and other propaganda filled news stations get their conclusions from? I wonder sometimes if they just make this sh*t up. I love this video as it explains exactly how retarded most consumers are and how they are so mis-informed on what actually happens to things that are created and then disposed of. People are the worst savers and the best spenders ever. They will buy things only to find that statistically 90% of the things they buy are thrown away. We only use 10% of the stuff we actually buy. That says a lot about people's desires to own the pointless material things they work so hard and desire. Watch and learn something and quit watching TMZ and reading your gossip magazine bullsh*t.

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