Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The great Paul Tudor Jones Documentary banned

Even though Paul Tudor Jones has tried to ban and stop his documentary from being aired anywhere on the Internet, its just not possible. I think he realized that he gave a little too much away when he agreed to this documentary back in 1987 and he showed the way he manipulates and plays around with the market and the people around him, all in good fun of course. I think he feels that it could hurt his reputation and it seems as though why he's had his lawyer stay so pro-active in banning it from airing on TV or the Internet. Well too bad cause the video can run but it can't hide. International sites don't share our copy right infringement laws that our gay congressman passed when these corporate lobbyists pro actively bribed and blackmailed the politicians in Washington to pass a law that would stop people from sharing material not produced by them. Sorry Mr. Jones I got the link right here, so you ain't going to the grave with this one.All sh*t aside anyway, his line of thinking is common sense and psychological. If you think your really going to learn something new other than what you've already probably knew in terms of how life and the markets are extremely identical, then your mistaken. Go take a psychology class and learn how people think because the market is just a reflection of such thoughts.

Paul Tudor Jones documentary video

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