Monday, December 20, 2010

The employement job hiring system is a SET UP

These high end company's employment system is a set up. It's a fixed system in which people get hired in one of two ways. The first is by the amount of college you've completed combined with your grades and your major, and the second way is on a referral basis. The best part about this system is its set up to just hire the best most qualified people that are desperate to take the lowest pay. The college system is an honor system that sets up the person's intelligence using curriculum's filled with rigorous pointless memory exercises. Colleges can actually careless if you know anything, they just want you to remember things that are told to you by your professors and to score well on their exams. Even if what they are saying is not true. With the proof of grades companies can evaluate your ability to take directions and learn (because that might make it easier for them to train you). But what employers are too dumb to realize is that, having good grades is the last determinant of a successful employee. I have known many of the dumbest people who were so great at taking tests, and teacher's pets all throughout their lives of schooling, only to be the dumbest most illogical people I've ever talked to. They rely on their books and the knowledge of others to determine whats right or wrong, or good or bad. Its also quite pathetic how the referral system works. You have one person who works at a company for X amount of years. Then she asks her boss if he would consider hiring her friend. Now because the employer - employee relationship has already been established he will give the friend a chance. Actually a special advantageous chance because he already has a relationship with an employee so to keep his political standings he must be courteous and bias. This is in my opinion is the purest form of a breach of the EQUAL OPPORTUNITY ACT.

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