Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our economy is not growing!

It's actually funny that journalists are in charge of reporting news that they don't quite understand. They interview mainstream economists who have degrees from these ivy league schools but don't have any commons sense of their own. School has robbed and supported these students of their own rationality and logic. Just because people are spending again in the United States, that doesn't constitute as evidence that the economy is coming out of a recession. A matter of fact, the American consumer is the worst gauge of reason because Americans don't have value for saving and investing anymore. From the start of the1960's people have become more and more delusional as to what makes a person and the economy prosperous. Economies don't grow by spending money they don't have, its actually the complete opposite. We know for sure now with 16.6% unemployment (we know thats the real rate of unemployment because The Labor Department's Bureau of Statistics don't include the underemployed and those who have stopped looking for jobs) that there is no way that economic spending could have increased when foreclosures have increased, unemployment at it's highest level ever, and bankruptcies getting out of control. Economies grow by saving and investments. The numbers may look better temporarily while people spend and spend the money they don't have on credit cards and all types of borrowed money while the media following sheep of this country continue to follow the news and listen to the journalists for their source of truth. But what they don't realize is that we are spending borrowed dollars and all the artificially printed money courtesy of the federal reserve.

Ben Bernanke should be prosecuted for lying to the American people on 60 minutes 2 weeks ago. He comes on and says that the Fed is not printing money, when just last year he admitted that's exactly what they were doing.  I'm not quite clear as to when we the American people decided that having a private bank called the Federal Reserve should be allowed to print our tax dollars away and invest it into whatever they wish. Why are they the money managers of our tax dollars? I don't remember the time that everyone came together and whole-heartily agreed that we want some privatized bank to control our money supply. And it's only right that we wouldn't ever agree to such a thing because by allowing such power, inflation and the price of goods in this country could get out of hand. The Federal Reserve with all this money printing is causing an imbalance between the money supply and the amount of goods made to consume.

I also love how the idiots on the news always say the same thing about the people who speak the truth about the economy and how pessimistic these guests are for doing such things. I forgot that hope and lies are what people really want to hear. But of course the system of reporting is corrupt. News about the economy has to stay upbeat and positive or else the viewers won't watch because the majority of American people hate inconvenient truths. But lets not forget how much people are addicted to listening to all the stealing, killing, and robbery going around the world. And its probably because people think that staying informed about the dangers around the world is a good thing, while being lied as to how bad it is economically, and how the government is concealing the truth on a daily basis benefits us. I love the amount of retardation that's growing on the minds of human beings. It's really a sight for sore eyes.

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