Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bank of America scared and making it obvious now

The Financial Times reported today that Bank of America has been buying domain names (around 300 to be exact) in a recent effort to protect the bank and it senior leaders. Bank of America fears that there are going to be domain and website attacks discrediting and defaming it's name.

In my opinion this is the fear and realization of the posible highly anticipated WikiLeaks release coming this new year. I love Julian Assange because he has no regard for these criminal ass companies. He just wants everyone to see the truth. What are you afraid Bank of America? Oh the poor CFO and the members of the board must be fearing the release that's expected to come any day now. They are even buying domain adresses that include their own names with words like "sucks" and "blows."

These guys are jokers and Bank of America will be nationalized one day. That banks balance sheet is a mess and so are the lives of people involved in the company. People need to see the truth behind the people they employ to hold their money. Just for ethical reasons, withdraw your money from this crooked ass government owned bank and keep the cash in your house. Banks are a scam and are useless in the whole scheme of things. People don't need them. The whole saving concept is delusional. Cash is King, and whoever holds tangible cash is KING!

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