Friday, December 17, 2010

Ken Fisher as your money manager?

Don't make me laugh. He spent his years going only long on US markets and wrote many different books that were mostly a waste of time. He wrote one book called How to smell a rat.  The books basis was on how to detect financial fraud and ponzi schemes. Maybe he should spend his time telling his clients how he actually runs the biggest long only ponzi scheme of a fund. He writes about Bernard Madoff and how financial fraud works, but he failed to see the biggest fraud taking place during the years leading up to 2007' subprime crisis. The way these banks scammed the American people and other countries into refinancing and loaning easy money in a way that the banks themselves even knew would be impossible to ever be paid back. But as long as they sold these bundled up loans that were made into contracts and sold them before the general public knew that they were designed to default from the very beginning then it would be all good and wealth would be transferred from the uninformed to the highway robbers a.k.a the investment banks. Ken Fisher failed to see any of this in 2007 and was actually saying that the housing disaster argument was completely overstated and there was not going to be a hard or soft landing. Things are booming and nothing is wrong. Optimistic people like this remind me of retarded men who still talk and act like children that know nothing of this world and the men who have the majority of the wealth that are constantly manipulating things to steal money from the common man. These optimistic people always have a dumb smile on their faces and let me repeat that the smile is not because they're clever and happy, its because they are ignorant and dumb but are making money without seeing the adverse effect of what is really happening. Its actually quite funny, but anyway here's the article of Ken Fisher who was reported one time as being the world's 400th richest man by the way. The sad part is, if you use your father's name the way Donal Trump did and in this case Kenneth Fishes has, and your father also hands you over business accounts and helps you hire massive amounts of people to solicit for you, touting a fundamentally flawed strategy of yours just to raise your company money, with a buy only strategy, then you too one day, can rape enough people for commissions to make you rich also.

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  1. Wow, I don't know how I managed to find this blog but I think I have officially come to the end of the Internet with my Google keyword search for "Ken Fisher."

    Your rants seem rather shallow and almost completely factually incorrect. Let's start with Ken Fisher and then if I have time I will move on to the others. You start by saying, "He spent his years going only long on US markets." First he writes about the global markets and touts them often. Also, it is pretty easy to research his Forbes columns and that he went defensive a few times for his readers and clients that I found ( &

    Now far be it for me to say that you have to like his books. But to accuse him of running a Ponzi scheme is a bold accusation that you better becareful of if you actually understand what you saying. I will agree he did not manage to see the downturn in 2008 correctly but he has managed to out-perform the World markets throughout his career. Have you actually checked his public performance? This is something only a handful have ever done successfully through time. Trust me one this...I am always looking for a good manager. I challenge you to name even 5 people that did it in history

    Next, I like how you show everyone that Ken is one of the World's richest men which, is completely tied to his company's growth. Furthermore, all his wealth has been gifted to charity long before Buffet and Gates made it popular. But the worst part is you drag the man's Father through the mud who never hurt a sole and actually never made any real wealth for himself. Philip Fisher never had more than 15 clients all his life. You would know this if you ever read anything the man. There is a very good read about Philip I found years ago when I was still young in the forward of his book "Conservative Investors Sleep Well."

    Although, the financial industry may have a few bad eggs just like anything (auto mechanics, dentists, and barbers) it seems you have a particular bitterness toward life. Ken's market calls are not perfect which he seems to admit. He sure has done a lot better than most. I enjoy his column in Forbes and always make sure to take what he says with a grain of salt, but he is definitely right a lot more than he is wrong. In my world that makes him pretty damn good.