Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chinese Government stopping Internet phone providers

In the latest attempt from corporations around the world that run our lives through bribery of men in gay dark suits working in governments, these companies are trying to stop Internet phone carriers like SKYPE from growing too big. Governments around the world know that eventually most things will be free and they are trying everything in their power to create laws and punish these companies. Experts say companies like SKYPE operate in a legal gray area and that the notice is a warning to them not to grow too big or to challenge the state-owned telecoms.

For any of you still asleep or just retardedly lazy to think what this means, this is an exact example of  governments running their countries like a cartel. The insiders in these corporations are noticing numbers are slimming down and its because of VOIP. It's too bad you gay fucking corporate hungry pieces of shit. The Internet is changing the world faster than you could ever know. We will soon all be making free phone calls and there is not a god damn thing any internet regulator can do about it. The black market on the internet is impossible to control. The telecom industry is coming to an end and these corporate guerrillas are trying to lobby congressman in the government to stop this from happening. This, my friends, is what you call getting paid off. As long as money exists then stay tuned for another episode of the "F*ck show!"

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