Thursday, December 16, 2010

My thoughts on Steve Forbes

Well for one, he inherited the magazine business from his grandfather from what I undertsand. Second, when you search his name under wikipedia you find nothing of him knowing a damn thing about markets or investments. Its quite clear that his opinions and views were bought by the bankers on wall street a long time ago. He is nothing but a cheerleader on wall street and a long time failed politician. Wikipedia link

I found it funny that Steve Forbes keeps that all American smile while on TV and I can't imagine why he wasn't capable of securing a republican nomination during his campaign run in 1996. I mean for god sakes, he is so talented at spotting the problems with the economy, right? Yea right, he's just as bad as George Gilder in this FOX clip where they both disagree with PETER SCHIFF back in 2008 when Peter Schiff predicted this economic collapse.  George Gilder's claim to idiocracy, I mean fame, was that he wrote over 150 books of bull crap. Watch as both George and Steve get schooled on the American economy by Peter Schiff.

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